Student/s: Gemma Delgado
Mentored by: Jessica Fernandez, Francesc Ribot
Promotion: 2020
Study: Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

"Photodermis" is a theoretical-scientific, experimental and speculative research, which proposes a Renewable Energy System that is biodegradable, local and autonomous. The study focuses on the research area of Smart Inks, using them with the aim of creating a photosynthetic skin for the human body, which generates energy from capture of light.

Based on rigorous analysis and research, "Photodermis" is shaped by imaginative, controversial and inspiring qualities. The proposal projects a provocative future in which an incipient technology, based on Dye Sensitised Solar Cells, addresses the collective commitment to eco-social change. Future avenues of research are opened up, while questions are generated that act as catalysts for technological and social rethinking.

Dealing with such complex issues often requires a certain amount of collective and creative work. Imaginative and promising alternatives have to be sought from various fields of knowledge. For this reason, Photodermis is approached from the areas of engineering and design, using methodologies characteristic of both branches.