Student/s: Carissa Díaz
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Communication Area

“Perteneser” delves into the sense of belonging that arises from domestic spaces or the place we call "home". The perception of home comes deep from within and involves a process of identity search and self-discovery. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic caught me far away from my country and everything I regarded familiar. It magnified my feelings of estrangement. As a result, I began to ask myself: How can I form part of a place where everything is foreign to me?

Through the performance of my outer and inner self, I freeze time to represent my reality. I move in space as I drift with the feelings and emotions that come and go, and I document them with images. With everyday language, I use text to keep a dialogue between self-portraits and still lifes, keeping a diaristic tone. While I portray myself and the objects that form part of my daily life belongings, I play with the thoughts that arise in my mind to evidence this new state that drags me as time keeps passing by. Encountering the familiar within a confined domestic space, allows me to coexist with this “greater whole” that surrounds me. Having invented a role of my own, I no longer have to be the “outsider”. Building a sense of belonging, I fulfill my quest for self-exploration, while I literally make myself “fit” within the new home I have created for myself.


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