Paper Gestures

Student/s: Franziska Seehausen
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Product Design Area

Paper Gestures  is a series of three responsive paper interfaces that react to and intra-act with human behaviour and their direct environment, transforming the ancient, previously passive and low-tech material into a dynamic, active and responding medium. Through their design and the application of water, the paper objects become alive and responsive, acting in an autonomous manner and become an interface that works without the needs of other devices.

Paper Gestures introduces and exemplifies the principles of the ongoing research project and theory Materialism of Things (MoT). It suggests that any simple and renewable material can be smart, responding to its environment depending on how we understand, design and interact with it. MoT is an approach to re-imagine responsive objects, environments and technology in a sustainable, efficient and dynamic way by taking advantage of innate material behaviour.