Paper Geographies

Student/s: Various authors
Mentored by: Stella Rahola Matutes, Roger Paez
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Space Design Area


Authors: Mariam Al Ali, Alba Julià, Yuliana Leon, Daniela Meade, Luciana Pimentel, Claudia Ribot, Santiago Ríos, Pablo Viaplana, Andoni Zamora.

Paper Geographies alchemically transforms the humble paper into choreography of geometries and textures that evoke fantastic worlds, both close and far away: from moon landscapes seen with a telescope to fermented bread pasta seen against the light, going through bacteria colonies seen with a microscope.

The students of MEATS have created pieces from the use of toilet paper turned into pulp. The construction unit of the installation has been made this way, at the same time that it consciously reflects on the poetic qualities that this despised material can adopt.

Set free from its condition of silent and crafted support as a material to build spaces and construct narratives, paper acquires surprising qualities, very far from their connotation of ordinary, innocuous and of small value material.