Paisajes de la Memoria

Student/s: Julia Llorens
Mentored by: Daria de Seta
Promotion: 2020
Study: Degree in Design

The natural space of the Llobregat Delta has undergone many transformations throughout history and has been reduced by the expansion of the industrialised areas that surround it. "Landscapes of Memory" proposes a route based on the ruins of the Caserna dels Carabiners and its rich natural environment. The traces of the past in the territory have been interpreted in order to propose a present intervention as a link between the visitor and the place. Finally, it opens a reflection on the future of natural spaces and the consequences of a progress that forgets where we come from, altering the balance of the planet. Constructed with materials that are totally respectful of the environment and accompanied by water as the guiding thread and main source of life, the route is divided into four sections that refer to events at the specific point where they are located.

The proposal proposes a sensorial experience of contrast with the rhythms of productive and industrial activity of the environment and the metropolis, offering through the walk the opportunity to observe, reflect and make contact with the rhythms of the natural environment from which we are moving away.