Student/s: Ivette Pajero
Mentored by: Josep Novell

Placing the car seat of the kid in the opposite direction of the speed means a 75% reduction on the risk of suffering severe injuries in case of accident. Ozzy takes into account the child safety and it is with this reason that it offers an entertaining and/or teaching system integrated in the car seat and the vehicle environment. This allows the projection of real time augmented reality in the back part of the vehicle and does not harm the kid in case of accident.

This system has four elements that make this projection easier. First, a support made of Velcro that allows the fastening of the second element: the pico projector on the roof of the vehicle. The third element is a projector screen that is fastened to the hinged arms of the headrests and to the isofix of the car seat of the kid. Finally, the fourth element is a webcam integrated to the projector screen, which detects the kid’s movements in order to interact with the projected game and at the same time it helps to have a total control over this. Moreover, Ozzy app allows optimizing the control you have over the kid, and thus increasing the safety in the vehicle, at the samt time that it allows the selection of projected games.

The communication of both electronic elements –pico projector and webcam- is made through Wireless technology integrated in the vehicle.