Student/s: Several authors
Mentored by: Jesus Molina, Óscar Pérez and Josep Mª Salvador Morón
Promotion: 2014
Study: Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

Authors: Igor Bregaña Mendibe and Miguel González Sánchez

«OXO» is the response to the idea of developing an energy generator system through wind. The main objective is to cover the energy needs in the boats which will take part in the Barcelona World Race. A renewable energy generator system has been created through an innovative, safe and efficient system.

The essential feature that defines this mini-wind turbine is the raising and the grooving of the air: the air is collected in the superior part through a perimeter slot and goes to the inferior part, where a volume of water concentration and the subsequent acceleration of the mini-wind turbine take place.

It’s worth pointing out that this system gets rid of the turbine blades, the most dangerous element of a wind-turbine, so accident risks are non-existent.

Its orientation system makes it possible to have an ideal position for the wind capture at all times.

The energy production reaches 289,68 W/day, which means a 26,85% of the boat daily consumption.

Jury Valuation
For its innovation level, its formalization and its corporate viability.