The outboxers

Student/s: Diversos autors

Description: Re-Imagine Food is a company that wants to innovate in the world of cooking with innovative solutions and food. We call it the app of nutrients; it explores your food (organic material) and tells you all the nutrients it has!

We look the gastronomic moments of a large number of people in order to identify them. We had 4 users that made their food decisions taking into account: health, nutrition, and aptitude or pleasure.

We have created the “analysis tool” to analyze all this information, two pair of opposites that make two axles: Social impulse against auto-impulse, and the pleasure facing nutrition. We place gastronomic moments of our users on the map to see the connections and opportunity areas. After this, we predict three scenarios, each one with opportunities and ideas to put into practice: The all-in-one experience and the customized way of life.

Authors: Laura Marlene Fajardo, Camila Arboleda, Daniela Arguedas and Daniel Filipe Santos

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