Student/s: Sergio García
Mentored by: Oscar Tomico, Saul Baeza, Lluis Sallés
Promotion: 2020
Study: Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

"Orwell” is a system of products that offers privacy of identity in social networks. The products interact easily, the first being physical and wearable, and the second digital. It uses an established online platform as the virtual space in which to work. At the same time, it raises users' awareness of the problems associated with the lack of decision-making power when their image appears in an online publication or when they post images of other people, with or without their knowledge.

One part of the project is the symbol or logo called ORWELL, which is placed on clothing as a print or patch. The second part is ORWELL_NOISE, a digital tool created with Facebook's Spark AR that recognises the symbol when it appears on camera and hides the user's face with a virtual face mask. With this project, people will be able to communicate their desire not to appear in other people's online posts through the clothes they wear, a way of dressing up online privacy.