Student/s: Carlos Bolivar, Álvaro Martin, Alejandro Peredo and Lucila Tallone
Promotion: 2016
Study: Masters Interaction and Technology Area

“Social media are the best way the young people have in order to put themselves on the map, to show their talent. What a better easy of showing what you can do, by just only doing it”.

ORGEE is created in this line. It is a platform that explores the collaborative art possibilities by allowing artists, designers, students and amateurs to intervene in their artworks generating, not only a single result or work, but a exponential group of works that we call project.

We believe in art as a natural human expression and the idea of changing the traditional paradigm based on an individual construction by leading it to a collaborative, inclusive and popular model is what motivates us. We are convinced that united talents are capable of creating great things.