Student/s: Various authors
Mentored by: Gabriel Paré, María de la Cámara, Manuela Valtchanova, Roger Paez and Antoni Montes
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Space Design Area

Authors: Andoni Zamora, Luciana Pimentel, Pablo Viaplana, Yuliana Leon, Santiago Ríos, Alba Julià, Mariam Binsaif, Claudia Ribot, Daniela Meade, Sandra Lara, Laia Garrido, Ursula Pahl, Alessia Nobile, Lorena Medina and Kueilu Lin.

‘ORBIS’ is an installation where two light sources dialogue in order to increase the value of the shadow concept, by removing its negative connotation and increasing its beauty.

Can we think of a shadow that produces light? Can we reverse the usual relationship between light and shadow in a way that we create an illuminated shadow? Can an object create linght and shadow simultaneously?

The students of MEATS of ELISAVA have worked on these questions to suggest a dynamic conversation between two light sources that compete to remove the frontiers between light and shadow; a subtle and changing choreography where the usual roles of light and shadow will dilute in a continuous dance.