Olivos en flor

Student/s: Vanessa Gutiérrez Cortés
Promotion: 2018
Study: Masters Communication Area

Olivos en flor is a personal project that stages, on the one hand, the feelings and emotions experienced from the abandonment of my mother, and, on the other, the understanding of myself at the present, which is revealed as a consequence and evolution of past times.

In the project, events and presences from the past are recalled, classified, revived, analysed and ordered internally, giving them all a new art form that completely changes their meaning.

With the incorporation and appropriation of some fragments of "La bâtard" (1964) by Violette Leduc, the intention is to reflect the universal feeling of abandonment; that is to say, the emotions and thoughts that anyone can experience when a loved one goes away and does not return.

It is brought to the surface everything remaining after an absence, through the deliberate practice of remembering, imagining, and recreating.