OLGA. Refugi emocional per als espais comuns de l’habitatge


Ariadna Tunnah

Tutored by

Saúl Baeza, Jordi Canudas, Luis Eslava




Kave Home, DEXDE Senegal


Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño

“OLGA” is a carpet that is the result of a design process in which two main objectives have been established, based on Bauman’s conception of the body, which defines the body as both producer and consumer. Taking into account that the project works as a link between an entity related to production and another one related to consumption, we wanted to offer a product that participates in the welfare of both parties.

The welfare of the bodies that work in the production is possible thanks to the craftsmanship and its values, among which stand out the humanization of the production process and its direct relationship with the culture, resources and history of the place where it is made, in this case the region of Casamance, in Senegal.

On the other hand, the design proposal aims to address the consumer’s physical well-being, taking as a theoretical reference the politicization of discomfort, which proposes to uncover the emotionality and move it from the individual hemisphere to the collective hemisphere.