Ivana Llobet, Patricia López, Jessica Nissen

Tutored by

Jessica Fernández, Xavier Tutó




Distributed Design Awards, Basf Forward AM Innovation Award, Elisava Masters Awards, Formnext Start-up Challenge

Odapt consists of a reusable and customized wafer for two-piece ostomy pouches, which adapts to all types of stomachs. The project arises from the need to improve the current ostomy pouches, which cause leaks in 90% of ostomized patients. This is because the ostomy pouch has not evolved much since its invention in the 1950s, despite the fact that Spain has 1 out of every 500 ostomates.

The main problem of current ostomy pouches is leakage, caused by poor adhesion of the wafer to the stoma. In this sense, Odapt offers an alternative to the leakage problem, by customizing the wafer according to the stoma and the pathology of each patient.

In fact, Odapt is the first wafer created with 3D printing that completely adapts to any shape of stomach. This makes it easier for the outlet of the stomach to go directly into the pouch, to avoid skin irritation or leakage. In addition, 3D printing technology makes it possible to fully customize Odapt, both in terms of the shape of the stoma and the color of the product.