Student/s: Varios autores
Mentored by: Diego Ferrari, Elena Olcina, Natasha Christia, Pedro Vicente
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Communication Area

How does a group of emerging photographers approach more traditional aspects such as painting and museum? How do they find a way of living or even occupying these territories? How do these institutions the necessary language to keep being relevant and keep maintaining the dialogue between disciplines?

‘Ocupar-Habitar’ wants to answer these questions among other ones. It is a photographic exhibition made by the students of the Master in Photography and Design of Elisava in collaboration with Fundació Vila Casas.

The project researches the eternal and unstable narrative between photography and painting, as well as their relationships of power and the ones established between consolidated and emerging artists. In this installation, the pictorial collection and the architecture of Can Framis museum become a main source of inspiration and a platform for creative work of the participating artists. Their work looks at the museum and its content from multiple perspectives, using photography as a tool and means to (re)interpret them.

Students of the Master in Photography and Design of ELISAVA: Sandro Arabyan, Lisa Attard, Camilo Villegas, Gabriela Díaz Infante, Guillermo Fernández, Farah Foudeh, Qi Hao, Ainhoa Iraola, Katharina Klapper, Dimitriy Levdanski, Elysy Lei Minyi, Angel Palomar Vidal, Eve Quick, Balsa Radunovic, Mauricio Ramírez, Mireia Roca, Elena Rodríguez, Yu Wang, Guo Xiaofeng, Jumanah C.