Student/s: Diego Frayle
Promotion: 2014
Study: Masters Communication Area

Noria, a small plantation in the wonderful coffee landscape of Colombia, dedicated to the coffee farming that takes in more or less 40 workers whose effort and experience provide a product of the finest quality. This is how this project is born, wanting to highlight the origins of this coffee as its main attribute to make it well-known nationally.

As a part of the strategy to position Noria as a selected coffee of traditional coffee, I explored the most representative icons of the Colombian coffee culture like its people, its traditions and handicrafts, with the aim of finding a unique element that identifies and gives it an added value to the product.

Finally, it was the region’s architecture, with its garden wall, mud wall and clay tile towns; decorated with doors and windows of wood and lively colours, with characteristic and unique latticework and overlays, which took me to make these decisions as the distinguishing origin element.

I developed a range of three packages based on the abstraction of the basic shapes and colours of this architecture and using white as purity and quality synonyms, I built graphic patterns that identify every product in the range, thus representing the taste, aroma and type of very coffee.

I also created the names of Noria Orígenes for the regular ground coffee, Noria Descaf for the decaffeinated ground coffee and Noria Selección for the finest coffee beans.

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