No Fake Coffee

Student/s: Alba Morote, Hugo Ribeiro de Matos
Mentored by: Jordi Almuni, Ruben Miramontes
Promotion: 2019
Study: Masters Graphic Design Area

Nowadays people receive too many inputs from publicity and every day, the task of getting the consumers’ trust gets harder. Honestly, everyone is tired of companies, politicians, and brands making fake promises. This is why, with the arrival of a new coffee in capsules brand, we decided to create the very best honest brand. According to its honest spirit, the naming, the slogan, and the copy, talk in a very (and shameless) direct speech. As well as the use of typography is inspired by the protest aesthetics of the graffiti and a very clean and white graphic design to represent that feeling of honesty.

What's Unique?

The honest attitude of the brand reflected in copies like “No, the flavor of our coffee won’t take you to Java but is the perfect grain to wake you up those f*cking Monday mornings.” gives this brand a unique personality. And using a standard format used in other industries as coffee cups are, creates a very different display in the coffee capsules area.