Alan Niski, Eduard Carulla, Joan Niubó, Fernando Montero

Tutored by

Xavier Riudor, Xavier Fernandez






Elisava Masters Awards

‘Nimble’ is a project that is made with the aim to look for new opportunities for the brand of mountain backpacks Alpina (Barcelona), through the identification and afterwards solution of unsolved needs within its sector.

During the carried-out research process, a problem regarding the ineffectiveness of the traditional backpacks was detected when it came to transport big objects, both in the growing field of mountain sports and in different professional sectors (rescue teams and/or firefighters).
Nimble’s concept revolves around a rigid frontal panel that has a modular fixing system that makes it possible to eliminate the physical limits given by the bag of the backpack, thus making it possible to transport object such as skis and snowboard boards, at the same time that it facilitates the direct access to them.

The fixing system is a series of modules that are put into different holes of the backpack, thus being safely fixed in it with a simple 90º turn. Tapes are fixed through these modules. They can be independently turned and can be combined with other elements commonly used in mountaineering to transport material –like carabineers–, so they facilitate the distribution of the cargo and favours the space optimization and improves accessibility.