Several students

Tutored by

Xavier Riudor




ei! Award

NeoShell is an incubator that tries to solve some problems such as the poor accessibility of the baby. In this project, different parts have been developed, such as the chassis and the fairing, which form the upper structure of the incubator and allow it to be tilted, as well as the opening and turning of the capsules. The rounded design also facilitates disinfection and the work of the sanitary team.

In addition, a heat system for the baby’s air, a humidity system, which humidifies the incubator and an air system that directs the air around the incubator have been developed. The internal structural part holds the newborn and the aforementioned systems together.

Students: Pau Padrós, Carmen Guerra, Alex Bretaudeau, Miquel Clotet, David Riol, María Fernández, Marcel del Valle, Emma Brugué, Ainara Rico.