Mumbai-Barcelona Workshop

Student/s: Tiago Abreu, Dalia Alakki, Jana Antoun, Juan Arizti, Assil Naji, Marta Borreguero, Elena Caubet, Nishil Desai, Inés Fernández, Tanvi Gupta, Stephanie Ibrahim, Tracy Jabbour, Yunling Jin, Jad Karam, Sajol Kinariwala, Louis Kurian, Selen Kurt, Alexa Nader
Mentored by: Roger Paez, Toni Montes, Atrey Chhaya, Bhavleen Kaur
Promotion: 2019
Study: Masters Space Design Area

The Mumbai-Barcelona Workshop is a collaborative effort between MEATS Elisava (Barcelona) and Balwant Sheth School of Architecture (Mumbai), directed by Roger Paez, Toni Montes, Atrey Chhaya and Bhavleen Kaur. Its aim is to design a prototypical intervention in Raval, using micro-architectures as civic infrastructure to articulate informal, organic and self-managed programs to foster collaboration and social cohesion throughout the district.

The workshop is a three week long collaborative program. The first two weeks the Mumbai team identifies informal, organic and self-managed collaborative logics among residents of the same neighbourhood community in the city of Mumbai while the Barcelona team explores spaces of opportunity in the Raval district where spaces promoting community life may be implemented to effectively improve social cohesion. Mumbai provides programmatic exploration while Barcelona provides the socio-spatial framework.

The third week both teams jointly work in a 1:20 physical model of a site that epitomizes Raval’s character, and use it as a test bed for micro-architectures that foster community-building. Given their prototypical condition, these solutions may be applied throughout the district, defining a new sense for the superblock model.

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