Moving Paper

Student/s: Various Authors
Mentored by: Luz Broto, Roger Páez
Promotion: 2019
Study: Masters Space Design Area

Students: Ihab Al Baraki, Sara Bhaty, Luís Cabrera, Elise Chukri, Estefanía Cortés, Partitosh Hatolkar, Amira Ihab, Ridhima Malhotra, Camille Moins, Mariana Magalhaes, Anna Piliugina, Èrica Soler, Jessica Tallabas, Nieves Torbado, Lijing Wang.

Moving Paper: Filling Up The Exhibition Space With All Sant Lluc’s Papers. The theme proposes working only with the paper already present in Sant Lluc.

The exhibition is the result of a negotiation process with the institution to displace all its papers, including art on paper, leaflets, information sheets, paper signage, documents, books, napkins, toilet paper, bank notes, blank paper, etc. The installation is a comprehensive index encompassing both the displaced papers and the ones that remain in their original places because they proved impossible to move.

The project prompts visitors to venture beyond the exhibition space and walk around Sant Lluc to explore its paperless spaces, with the explicit aim of fostering a connection between the institution and the city, between Sant Lluc members and exhibition visitors.