Alex Latorre, Mar Pèlach, Miguel Gómez

Tutored by

Jonathan Chacón, Francesc Mestres






ei! Award, Student Design Challenge

MOTUS is a fully 3D printed robotic arm that has a reach of 600 mm and a payload of 0.5 kg, conceptualised and designed for use in academic settings. The outcome is an affordable and flexible solution that can be enjoyed out by anyone interested in this field. It has been designed to give access to the academic and educational aspects robotics can support, fostering a creative environment in which users can learn-by-doing. To do this, an online Elisava repository has been created with the end-goal of having a space where anybody can download, create, remix and be inspired by Open-Source projects: the first one being MOTUS.

This research and development project is born from the design choices found in the 6-axis robotic arm MOVEO3D developed by BCN3D Technologies. The objective is solving and upgrading these possible areas of redesign, so as to have a more complete design. Using Elisava’s methodology, the project has been developed following an inspiration phase, an ideation phase and finally an implementation phase. These phases include research and User-Centred Design, the specification of the value proposal, and the technical solution pertaining to the 3D modelling, material selection, FEA analysis and business model, among others.