Student/s: Karine Attar
Promotion: 2014
Study: Masters Communication Area

Graduated from the Lebanese American university of Beirut with a Bachelor Degree in graphic design, digital emphasis, 2011. I internshiped in many graphic design studios in Lebanon, then I decided to join my family business. Tt is a chocolate and Dragee factory. In order to extend it I decide to join ELISAVA and study my Master’s Degree in Packaging Design to combine both my work and my studies. I am hoping one day I will open my own concept store of Dragee with my own creations of packages. As a foreign student coming from Lebanon, I had a big challenge to introduce something different and exotic. In the gourmet project I decided to choose Mediterranean dishes. I was very influenced by the arabesque/ Islamic art, and this equal distribution of patterns. To make it more appealing I wanted to show how this brand Monoprix is offering natural and healthy food. To show this I decide to picture the vegetables or more exactly the ingredients, as they are with a very natural more like a clay background.

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