Student/s: Laia Pich, Marta Tudurí, Noemi Vives
Mentored by: Jessica Fernández
Promotion: 2019
Study: Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

The MONOMA project is an exploratory and analytical study, in which an extensive analysis of bacterial cellulose (CB) as future material is presented. By self-cultivating samples, a large set of data about the material is obtained, and it is classified and evaluated to determine and quantify its properties. Thus, it is observed which parameters influence the growth and cultivation of CB; some variations are explained by temperature, nutrients in the cultivation medium, etc. Material handling procedures are also presented that could be used as a reference in future studies. These explore joints, application of digital processes to improve some of the mechanical characteristics of the material, deformation processes, etc.

MONOMA is obtained by applying a methodology based on the exploration of the material and the design based on its properties; a garment framed in a utopian futuristic context, in which society lives in harmony and respect with the environment. It is a product made entirely of bacterial cellulose, a cultivable and biodegradable material. The shape design is based on the functionality of each of the components, prioritizing ergonomics, mobility and the needs of the part of the human body with which it is in contact.