Materializing purity

Student/s: Tara Maalouf
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Product Design Area

Materializing purity derived from a deep will to redeem the harm of the architectural sector has had on the eco-system in terms of carbonization and eco-damage. The product consists in a combination of materials that could fight toxicity as we try to explore a virgin field by questioning: How can make naturally smart materials accessible?

The sequence of experimentations began with an exploration of hemp, cellulose, titanium dioxide and clay, aiming to tackle the possible outcomes of hybridizing healthy materials. The line of research consisted on combining compatibility, usability and  sustainability. This allowed us to narrow down our material selection to hemp, titanium dioxide, natural binders and natural colorants. Materializing purity extends to three design manifestos. The first manifesto is formed of a purifying domestic objects. The second manifesto consists of a fashion statement that aims to question what we consume and the third manifesto contains a digital exploration of a space where the urban citizen can gather in a healthy environment.