Mar y Montaña

Student/s: Bernadita Jofre, Yang Zhou, Alexandra Reyes
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Space Design Area

The main objective is to offer spaces that allow both the physical and psychological health care of the employees of a public institution that develops its activity in different areas of health protection, seeking the ideal balance between production and socialization. The importance of communication while respecting privacy, the application of technology based on humanization and generating a professional atmosphere, but at the same time close, with purity and warmth. Thus was born the main concept, the value of the balance between nature and humanity.

In its concept of implantation, the sea and mountain aspects were taken, seeking to reflect these characteristic landscapes of Barcelona. In the centre, a “generation cycle” is proposed, a vertical space that link all the building levels, a place that reflects in itself the main concept in its maximum expression, offering new meeting spaces, and promoting socialization among the people thanks to the use of the main circulation and its own gaps, making the building easy to navigate in its entirety both horizontally and vertically. Sustainable materials will be used based on the concept of biophilia according to their spatiality, as well as acoustic materials and furniture designed especially for their comfort, generating the desired atmosphere.

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