Clàudia Falgà

Tutored by

Mariana Eidler




ei! Award, Blanc Festival

We live in a time of growing mental illness. Today, as more and more people suffer from such disorders, they are becoming more visible. However, throughout history, people with mental disorders have been marginalised by society. Ignorance breeds rejection. The burning of “witches” and mental institutions, prisons where the mentally ill were confined to keep them away from society, have reinforced the stigma that is still present. We live in a time of change, in which we are beginning to fight against prejudices.

The author’s mother has suffered from bipolar disorder since she was very young. When it comes to this disorder and many others, the environment is a fundamental pillar for the patient’s treatment and correct evolution. But how does this environment experience bipolar disorder? The family that lives with these people also faces bipolar disorder and suffers its effects. This project aims to make visible how a daughter lives with this disorder. More precisely, it is a work of introspective research on the mother’s bipolar disorder and the daughter’s interpretation of it as a graphic designer.