Student/s: Andrea Josa and Pilar Soto
Mentored by: Octavio Mestre

Description: The aim of «LU.PA» is to, taking into account the social situation of its users, its solitude, its course of time on the city streets, put an end to this situation by creating an interest, a curiosity, willingness to change. In order to do this, we suggest deepening into the wound, by creating bonds and community.

Both main elements of the project are: the playground and the skylight. The playground allows the entrance of air and purification of the space, while the skylight allows the conservation and canalization of the light through the space. The filters are a third concept. These divide themselves in two types of functions: to oxygenate and to sieve. These slimes recover the playground and skylight, and they allow us guaranteeing a lightning control and creating a game of lights and shadows in the interior.

The finishing touches and the furniture have been design from elements bought wholesale, using constructive processes that allow implying both users and workers in collaboration, thus creating this bond of community that we looked for achieving.

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