Student/s: Berta Estévez
Mentored by: Ainoa Abella, Luis Eslava, Pere Llorach
Promotion: 2019
Study: Simultaneous Studies

'Ludum' is a rental service for children's toys made with recycled materials that adapt to the evolutionary moment in which the child finds himself or herself during early childhood.

The project offers a personalized service to enhance the development of each child. In the early stages of life stimulation is very important, and one of the main activities to promote it is playing. Even so, the toy must be adapted to the different evolutionary moments, regardless of its age.

This project presents a new way of understanding and buying toys for the early stages of development that promote the stimulation of the child and adapt to its evolutionary moment, reducing the amount of waste through construction from recycled materials and forming part of a circular economy system that allows to extend the useful life of the toy.