Llum: experiencia gastronómica


Andrea Jiménez, Clàudia Ruiz, Justine Barsalou

Tutored by

Pilar Soto



“Llum” is a new concept of gastronomic experience. Focused from the point of view of lighting in architecture, the place is divided into three different lighting experiences.

From the vermutería “Veure”, where the product is emphasized in an obvious way, without hiding anything, with homogeneous lighting, thus representing the passive action of seeing; through the cocktail bar “Mirar”, where the very pronounced spotlights direct your gaze towards the cocktail, being an active action that requires attention; until arriving at the gastronomic restaurant “Contemplate”, where the light interacts in an artistic way with the food, resulting in a light choreography that gives way to the plating of the same tasting menu, due to the artistic nature of this action.

Thus, Llum aims to create a new sensory experience for the user, giving importance to the final product and how it is perceived.