To Live And Die in Venice

Student/s: Anna Kabanina i Idil Gücüyener
Promotion: 2018

William Shakespeare and hip-hop may seem contradictory at first glance. But parallels are found between these two elements of culture. In terms of artistic expression, the use of wordplay, lyricism and rhythm are akin. Love, jealousy, violence and betrayal are common subject matters in both. Influenced by hip-hop and Shakespeare antheatrical performances, “To Live and Die in Venice” is an interpretation of “Othello” set in hip-hop's golden age.

The atmosphere of a play is present with serif type faces, tabulations and navigation elements commonly found in scripts. Hip-hop is introduced with battle rap lyrics when characters face arguments. As the story heats up, highlights, violated text blocks and images reflect the offensive and blitz of battle rap environment.