The Last Hours of the Fourth World

Student/s: Maite Atutxa, Áfrika Dominguez, Laura Gouveia, Camila Sallent
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Communication Area

Calexico is an indie folk band from Tucson, a city 97 km from the Mexican border. For that reason, he feels interest and empathy for the conflict of dividing lines between cultures.

To design his next tour, we rely on the prophecy of the ancient Hopi indigenous people, according to which the consumerist and selfish lifestyle of the human being will end the world as we know it. This destruction will be predicted by nine signs, of which all have been fulfilled except one.

Hence the naming 'The Last Tour of the Fourth World', a mysterious and shocking concept and story, which will seek the relationship with this prophecy and life on the borders; the same kind of fusion that Calexico makes with its music.

With a sublime aesthetic, the visual universe of the tour reflects the imposing and noble nature of the desert and the insignificance of the human being in relation to it.