Student/s: Paula Fernández and Emilio González
Mentored by: Vicent Martínez and Ricard Ferrer
Promotion: 2015
Study: Masters Product Design Area

Description: «Lalectora» is a modular shelf that its magic resides in its capacity of growing and changing shape. It is a shelf that is able to evolve to the needs of its owner.

It is a modular program and you acquire pieces as its usage changes. The user has the freedom to create spaces and distribute them with total freedom, in height and width, because there are three sizes of shelf dividers and four sizes of shelf that allow creating the different holes and separations.

Regarding the technical part, the key piece of Lalectora is an aluminum profile that covers the sides of the board. It is the union element between the shelf dividers and the shelves, and it allows using a low cost wood-based laminated board, because the own profile will cover the sides of the shelves.

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