La Naturaleza del Conflicto

Student/s: María Mazzanti, Claudia Rizo Patrón Kermenic
Promotion: 2018
Study: Masters Graphic Design Area

La Naturaleza del Conflicto is an editorial project structured around the consequences of the post-conflict in Colombia, e.g., the botanical expeditions carried out in former war zones. Since the signing of the Peace Agreement, 93 new species that were not scientifically classified have been described, because they were endogenous in areas where violence impeded scientific work. The botanical images of the species found, mark the structure of the book, along with texts of various formats.

Confronting different imaginaries seeks to open a discussion on how nationalism, collective memory, national fictions and colonialist practices, such as taxonomy and expeditions, which at first glance have a progressive character, have been the sustenance of the differences and social tensions that define contemporary Latin American societies.