La Fábrica

Student/s: Grecia Morales, Paola Maya, Angie Vargas y María José Piñeiros
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Communication Area

‘La Fábrica’ (The Factory) was created in response to young people’s need for somewhere they could learn about, experiment with and understand their bodies and emotions. Teenage years, a time of change and constant search for identity, is the time to explore and experiment. La Fábrica offers teenagers this opportunity, it teaches them how to verbalize and externalize all these emotions, setting out the consequences of our actions clearly and allowing teenagers to interact and become actively involved in everything that is going on during that period. What happens to your brain during sex? This 100 % experiential and interactive experience has been designed using different rooms and environments to show, hastily and appealing to the senses, what happens to our bodies during sex.