La Embajada del Mediterráneo

Student/s: Laura Facio Lince, Laia Machancoces, Mónica Salinas, Sandra Sánches
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Communication Area

The intention of the Damm Group is to turn L'Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm into a center of Barcelona and Catalan culture for the world. The commission was to make a proposal to relaunch L'Antiga Fàbrica Damm as a multi-use cultural center in Barcelona and Catalunya.

Following the values ​​of brand (spontaneity, freshness, fun, tradition, history and property), L'Antiga Fàbrica d'Estrella Damm has become the Embassy of the United States of the Mediterranean, in order to create a single country where all the surrounding societies are integrated the Mediterranean Sea. A country where diversity is promoted and where the main weapon is integration.