Student/s: Alejandro Valenzuela, Esther Rodríguez, Kevin Rodríguez, Zoe Geidelberg
Promotion: 2018
Study: Masters Communication Area

The project is responsible for the concept and art direction of the Tommy Cash 2018 tour with the aim of expanding the audience of the rapper. Stereotypes play a defining role in judging a foreign culture. For this reason, Tommy Cash takes pride in his Estonian/Russian heritage and takes it to its extremes. The rapper appropriates the clichés of his origins while making a mockery about how the Western world looks to Eastern European society.

Thus, the tour follows the concept of "The world upside down", which plays with the "reversisms" of the images of Eastern culture created by the West and assumes them with a touch of irony and humor. The project is based on the cliché that in the former Soviet Union things worked backwards and exaggerated to the limit of absurdity. It does so from five visual universes nourished by the concept and designed to entertain the audience and be visually unforgettable: the arrival, the hostel, walk in the park, lunch time and white girl wasted.