Katsuke’s Secret Matcha tea powder


Carmen González, Mar Sánchez-Morate

Tutored by

Asa Cook





Katsuke’s secret was inspired by an unlikely friendship between a British aristocratic family and a highly respected family in Okinawa, Japan. Legend has it that when Kastsuke died, he left the family his most prized possession: his inro. Popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, an inro was a container worn on the belt of a traditional Japanese kimono and contained a person’s most prized medicinal herbs and personal possessions. Katsuke’s inro contained his Okinawan matcha tea powder, which he believed was the key to a long and healthy life. The stacked structure of the inro is ideal for compartmentalizing the tea to ensure freshness.

The graphics merge the two cultural traditions: Japanese print with ornate British illustration derived from nature to represent the ingredients. The wooden lid is stamped with Katsuke’s family seal, which was kept in the inro for safekeeping.