Student/s: Various authors
Mentored by: Diego Ferrari, Natasha Christia, Rein Steger, Elena Olcina and Pedro Vicente
Promotion: 2018
Study: Masters Communication Area

"Intersections" is a photographic installation conceived and produced for the Can Framis Museum by the students of the Elisava Master in Photography and Design, in collaboration with the Vila Casas Foundation. 25 emerging artists are at a crossroads. In their quest to break down barriers and sculpt their individual and generational identity, they explore issues such as gender equality, human and animal rights, prejudice, freedom, life and death. Giving voice to the concerns of our age, they forge brand new unions and promote harmony. As creators of images, they express their testimonies through Light, Form and Colour.

The Can Framis Museum serves as an intersection for a constructive dialogue between the established and the incipient. Each artist weaves his theme into one of the works in the permanent collection, while taking it as a starting point. The architecture of the museum and its surroundings provide the habitat in which the final pieces, literally embedded in the walls of the building, come to life. The past becomes the foundation on which relevant statements are built for the "liquid times" we are going through.