Infinity Vision GT

Student/s: Nicolás R. Nyerges
Mentored by: Roger Capellas
Promotion: 2016
Study: Masters Product Design Area

This project was modelled using Autodesk's state-of-the-art software Alias Autoestudio under strict analysis methods such as: construction method, symmetry analysis, gloss fluidity, perfect continuity between surfaces, among others. It was animated and rendered with Autodesk Maya.

To achieve the final goal, it was required a lot of "trial and error" trying to find the theoretical line of the original design of this car, then we tried to find the best continuity through all the surfaces getting to model this magnificent car that makes us lose our eyes in the fluidity of its curves.

The "Infiniti GT" is a concept car that was specially created for the "GranTurismo 6" video game and that was seen for the first time as a real "flesh and blood" car at the Shanghai Art Museum during the "Infiniti Design Night 2015".