I Dream about...

Student/s: Natalia Davtyan
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Communication Area

I Dreamed about Walking in the Streets in Slippers…But I rarely stop to look where I am now. Am I satisfied with my present occupation? What are my current emotions? And what about that coffee in the morning? Do I remember its taste? The pandemic has been an excuse to spend more time indoors and to have honest and therapeutic conversations with myself while walking on my terrace.

The project originated as something natural for me to do: taking pictures of anything that attracted my eye. I realized that the more I was photographing the same things from the same spot, the more things were opening up to me. Such discoveries took place on a daily basis. I started feeling intrigued and excited for what would show up next. I was playing with scales, perspectives, observing materials, checking the same places at different day hours. It was my chance to look at the outside and inside worlds with more attention, trying to detect and scrutinize things that had never been seen. It has started as a game but eventually it turned into a project about self-identity and fears. I suddenly realized that there are so many limits set to myself by society and my family, and that my true self is buried beneath all of them. My mission is to unearth her and perhaps that day I will go out for a walk in slippers.