Marta Tudurí-Quevedo

Tutored by

Jessica Fernández, Francesc Ribot, Laura Benítez



“Hydrio” is the result of an exhaustive theoretical-scientific and experimental research embodied in an exhibition product that allows visualizing the effects of the increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide caused by anthropogenic activity in the oceans and that give rise to the so-called ocean acidification (OA), whose consequences are the decrease in the degree of acidity of the water and the saturation of the degree of calcium carbonate, which seriously damages the functioning of marine ecosystems.

The project is framed in the context of intelligent inks, and was born with the perspective of achieving a product that can show viewers the problem of ocean acidification through the use of a pigment of biological origin called actinorrodin, synthesized by the bacterium Streptomyces Coelicolor, which changes color in response to an alteration in pH.

The proposal is based on a piece designed from the artistic and design and engineering fields to promote knowledge and reflection in a very visual and innovative way achieved through the study of new biotechnology and bioengineering techniques, which until recently were the exclusive veto of the Scientific Institution and access to them was almost impossible.