Student/s: Carlos Salas Muñozcano
Mentored by: Jéssica Fernández; Laura Benítez

Hipocórtex is a prosthetic device of sensory inhibition that creates an isolated space for the user to develop disconnection practices. Through the methodology of DystopicThinking, it arises as a response to the need to disconnect a dystopian future, in which through transhumanist technology (nanotechnology, biosensory), the connection of the brain with technology is achieved, thus overcoming the limits of body and mind so far pre-established.

As a result, people are overwhelmed by the saturation of stimuli we receive, not only through our sensory organs, but also directly to our brain to be connected to the network 24 hours. In this way, there is a need to disconnect from this world, to isolate ourselves from the technology that communicates and disconnect our senses in order to reconnect with ourselves and maintain the balance between healthy body and mind.