Different students

Tutored by

Xavi Ruidor, Salvador Fàbregas, Mario García, Emili Taixés, David Adrover




Circulathon by Sabic – Healthcare, IF Design Awards (selected), Medalla ADI (selected)

According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, 3 out of 100 babies is affected by hip dysplasia and they must spend 3 to 4 months with 70% of the body immobilized by a plaster cast. Acknowledging this situation and its consequences, we felt the urge to improve babies’ quality of life, offering a friendlier and more sustainable treatment.

Thanks to its innovative design and material, ‘Hipcare’ resolves the severe lack of hygiene and breathability caused by the traditional plaster cast. By adopting PLA mixed with copper particles, we 3D printed a solution capable of adapting to the baby’s body while actively protecting him from skin irritation. Furthermore, by using a material with high stability in water, we achieved a solution that doesn’t require any replacement due to degradation, promoting sustainability and lowering even more the impact of the therapy on the baby.

Students: Lucía Solinís, Eva Vera, María Songel, Arsenio Andrea, Júlia Robledo, María Paula Rodríguez.