Eva Vera

Tutored by

Josep Puig, Diego Casín, Joanma Baqués, José Fernando López



In a context where hearing loss is positioned as one of the most general conditions in the world, we find a great social inequality associated with the investment for the purchase of a new hearing aid. Currently, an average of €3,000 must be invested to use a hearing aid for only 5 years, since it must be replaced as the degree of hearing loss of the owner increases.

Faced with the problem of this linear economy model, “Heargo” is positioned as a hearing aid exchange service between users with different degrees of hearing loss. This initiative seeks to break with socioeconomic inequality and reduce the electronic waste generated after each renewal.

In addition, the redesign of the hearing aid explores empowering the user by offering an easily customizable product of the most visible parts that they feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis.