Student/s: Marta Tudurí and Noemí Vives
Mentored by: Juan Crespo
Promotion: 2019
Study: Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

In this project has been designed and developed a soft complement that can adapt to grippers that are already on the market. By fitting 'Griber' into the mechanism, it allows to act as a soft gripper capable of collecting and manipula- ting blackberries / raspberries without damaging them.

The challenge of this project is to design a soft robotic grip, compatible with the preexisting robot model provided by the Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics (IRRI), which may be capable of developing high precision gripper in order to grasp and manipulate delicate objects.

'Griber'’s project follows Elisava’s Industrial Design Engineering methodology. It is divided into three phases: Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation and is charac- terized by following a circular design model in which all stages remain alive and constantly changing; allowing you to return to the start at any time to modify or re- think necessary aspects. It’s a methodology based on the cooperation of a profes- sional and academic multidisciplinary team that aims to investigate, observe and understand the needs of users to finally propose a project that provides solutions.