Jordi Farreras

Tutored by

Joan Achón



Through the research techniques of ServiceDesignThinking, a consulting and analysis project for the pediatric patient is carried out at the Teknon Clinic. The conclusions drawn from this previous exploration denote a lack of accompaniment, entertainment and transmission of information.

“Globulus” is a companion inspired by a white blood cell found at the border of the physical and virtual world, which is given to each child once they enter the ER. With “Globulus”, the patient will be inside an immersive zone, ready to explore through small interactions, which show the most common human pathologies through marine animals. Thus, the patient is entertained with entertaining and fun games while they wait for the doctor’s visit. Finally, “Globulus” transmits information: on the belly of the device it is projected when you have to enter to be visited and which box you should go to. “Globulus” is, therefore, a solution that changes the way of perceiving the Hospital, substituting fear for emotion.