Fuck the princess

Student/s: Arnau Costa Sirvent, Elena Polo García, Emilio Calvo Álvarez, Pablo López Osorio
Mentored by: Jordi Cano Cunill
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Communication Area

The number of AIDS infections continues to rise, spreading fast among the youngest. Advances in medicine and the feeling of invulnerability have caused the disease to fall off the radar.

European authorities, in collaboration with Durex and given the alarming figures affecting young people, have proposed us to create a campaign to prevent new infections. The research phase gave us several clues: young people do not trust large organizations and education through fear has proven not to sort the problem out.

This project recommends addressing the problem indirectly, avoiding to run a traditional campaign against AIDS, by approaching the audience with a friendly tone and encouraging women, who are especially vulnerable to AIDS according to several studies, to take control via the campaign. The proximity of this campaign aims to reach the public and get them to follow a healthy sex life.