Frecuencia Moritz


Agostina Carreño, Ariadna Castro, Andrea Montero, Júlia Núñez

Tutored by

Bernard Arce, Marc Aliart, María Fernanda Pérez, Alán Ramírez, Xavier Camós



We vibrate at such high frequencies that we forget that when we lower it we can find small oases, physical and mental rests, where we can disconnect and slow down. In a fast-paced city like Barcelona, Frecuencia Moritz bets on a space of pause, of deceleration, directed to the initiators, enterprising people who are in constant movement. From an insight focused on the weakness of our audience, we developed a project of audiovisual content creation, which aims to activate the audience through the launch of a platform that involves the creation and distribution of content in both digital and analog.

We create an oasis of calm and disconnection, which at the same time drives us to rejoin the great current with renewed energy. Disconnect to reconnect. Frecuencia Moritz will make us travel to the oasis we all need to find.