Student/s: Various authors
Promotion: 2015
Study: Masters Product Design Area

Description: «FLŸK» is a product made to solve the problem of families at the airport. This is an accessory for the hand luggage to carry a kid in the airport areas.

Flÿk is formed by 5 basic pieces and a button with a pawl type gear. This is a cover for the hand luggage; inside there is a little saddle, bicycle style, on which the kid can sit. The saddle has a profile of an oval section, like the ones used by Casualplay, in order to incorporate a wheel and thus, a third point of support for the suitcase. This will provide a stability triangle to allow mobility.

Authors: Diego Casín, José Carlos Gálvez, Alejandro Enrique Reyes Ortega and Paul Enrique Soucy